ISIS and the church


For months we’ve heard these murmurs and at times mass cries of anger and disgust towards this group called ISIS. We’ve all seen the links as we’ve scrolled through our Facebook news feeds and some have even taken the time to click on them and read them.

Last night I watched a video of ISIS cutting off the heads of 21 men simply because they believe and align themselves with the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

When I saw this video I wanted to be more disturbed by it. I wanted to be more appalled. I want to be brought to tears. But I wasn’t. The reaction I had to this was not at all what I was expecting. I think my reaction to this video was not what I expected because it doesn’t seem real to me. As an American Christian it’s hard for me to even fathom something like this actually taking place. For someone to actually cut off the head of a fellow human being simply because of religious beliefs.

There are so many things I’ve thought since watching that video and seeing the barbaric act. There are many slams I wanted to make against the American church. So many fingers I felt like I wanted to point. But at the Jett of all of that was confusion and not knowing what to do with the feelings I was experiencing. I k ew that I didn’t want this to be a momentary experience. I knew that I wanted this feeling of injustice and call to action to stay.

It’s then that I began to pray. I prayed for the fathers and mothers who lost those sons. I prayed for wives who lost those husbands. I prayed for children who lost those fathers. And somehow, I prayed for those involved with ISIS to be reconciled to christ and to be saved.

After that I turned my prayer to the church. This was my prayer and still is my prayer:

“Rouse us, Lord from our comfortable sleep! Wake us up, God from our selfish ways! We cry out for revival but how can revival come when we aren’t even standing in place of those who have been martyred for your name? Stir our hearts to prayer, Lord! Awaken our spirits to warfare! Let us war in the spirit, God for the sake of your kingdom! May we no longer live in our sheltered lives unaware and unaffected by what is happening to the Church but may we take up our swords and wage war in the spirit realm!”

Last night God answered that prayer in a very real way in my life. He showed me things and allowed me to experience certain things that made the warfare so real to me.

People, God is calling us to action. He’s calling us to war in the spirit! He’s calling us out of our comfortable Christianity. This is a battle. But not just a battle against flesh and blood. There’s a very real and present darkness. But take heart! For we hold the truth to the light that can banish all darkness!

So let’s ride up and take this call to prayer and let’s war in the spirit!

“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us. Spirit of the living God, fall afresh on us. Amen.”

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