Building The Kingdom. Not A Brand.

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I’ve been doing some wrestling lately.

I have been in the process of… well I guess you could say “Remarketing and Rebranding” myself. This is so awkward for me.

This 21st Century culture that we live in demands esthetically pleasing things such as websites. A good website and good Facebook page mark your legitimacy as a professional even before your work has been seen or heard. We write people or businesses off based on their site or page. I do too.

I have been struggling with mainly two things:

  1. I HAVE NEVER CARED ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA. It’s true. I use it. I however, I have never put much emphasis on it. Therefore it has always been subpar. Honestly, I don’t fully understand social media. Like, why do we need it? Why do I, as a musician, need it to have to prove my legitimacy?

What I’m learning: People want to feel connected to you. They want to get a glimpse into who you are and what your life is like. Even if it is only through the facade of the internet. When people feel connected to you they tend to believe in you more. I absolutely to connect with people at the places that I go. It’s one of my favorite things about my job. Now I’m realizing that it is also fun to connect with people through social media. So, come connect with me! (

  1. I DO THIS TO BUILD THE KINGDOM NOT A BRAND. If I in this to help build the Kingdom of God, why do I need to sell myself? Why do I need to brand myself?

This is the big one that I have been dealing with. I NEVER want this to be about me or my name or anything that I do. Everything I do is because of God. It’s all done to point back at Him and to bring Him glory and honor. I am so reluctant to even put my name on anything. Guys, I DON’T WANT THE RECOGNITION. I am worthless without him. None of this is because of anything I am. It’s all because of God. I logo was made for me. That was weird! It felt as if I was selling out. I’m not a band or a company. I am lowly worship leader. I wrestled so hard with this whole marketing myself thing. And to be honest, I still am. Daily.

What I’m learning: People want to see professionalism in all areas. Part of the job is looking the part (and no I don’t mean that in a shallow “you have to dress hip and cool like you work for H&M” kind of way). I am realizing now that God honors the work. He honors the professionalism. As long as my heart stays in the place of wanting to make God famous and not myself, He will honor that. I want churches and other venues to like what they see on my site and pages. I want them to feel like they are getting someone worthwhile. But most importantly, I want them and everyone to see that it all is pointed back to God, the giver of life, the creator, the beginning and the end, King of Kings.

So I pray that in everything I do it points back to God and never to me. I pray that you would see that my heart is not to build a brand but to build the kingdom.

“Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us. Spirit if the living God, fall afresh on us. Amen.”

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